Brachiosaurus Dinosaur


With its imposing dimensions, our Majestic Triceratops Prop captures the essence of this iconic dinosaur, complete with its distinctive frill, three horns, and powerful stature. This lifelike attention to detail creates a truly immersive experience, transforming your venue into a Jurassic adventure for all ages.

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Item Dimensions: 33″Wx14.5″Dx40.5″H. 28 lbs.



Introducing our Majestic Triceratops Prop—a larger-than-life addition to your events that brings the prehistoric era to vivid reality. Standing at full size, this lifelike triceratops prop is meticulously crafted to transport your guests into a world of wonder, making it an awe-inspiring centerpiece for themed parties, Jurassic events, and dinosaur enthusiasts.


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